Leeds Media Services help demonstrate the Technician Commitment

Leeds Media Services recently completed work on the Technician Commitment video for the University of Leeds.

The film demonstrates the breadth of teaching and research work that technicians are involved in, and an overview of the initiatives underway supporting the Technician Commitment.

The University of Leeds has a well-established technician network with ongoing expansion and development with a regular programme of events, giving technical staff the opportunity to come together as a distinct group. The definition of a technician at Leeds reflects the diverse nature of the research and teaching across the organisation and although the definition varies dependent on size and inter-disciplinarily, inclusion is at the heart of the Technicians network.

The University of Leeds Technician Commitment Action Plan is comprehensive and includes 5 years of activity, with very clear measures of success. There are a large the range of activities underway continuing to raise the profile of the work of technicians amongst the academic and student communities, and to see them having a key role in contributing to critical activities.