Using the latest digital video cameras Leeds Media Services can film any live event including conferences, lectures, shows, plays and awards ceremonies. We can also record scripted productions. Our crew has a wealth of production experience and can cope with any situation.


  • Multiple broadcast quality cameras
  • Professional lighting equipment to light any situation
  • Comprehensive range of shotgun, lapel and radio microphones
  • Separate audio mixing and recording equipment
  • Autocue
  • Portable greenscreen

… as well as all the associated accessories that filming a varied array of events and productions requires.

We can also supply a dedicated sound recordist to ensure the best quality audio is also recorded – using multiple microphones for larger events.

Bigger events may require more than one camera. For large events, we can facilitate a multiple camera setup with crew.

Once we have recorded your event, we can supply it on DVD or in any format including any type of streaming video file for the web.