Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Frank Morton Sports Day

What Was Required?

Live internet broadcast from the Sylus music venue at Leeds University Union of the opening and closing ceremony of the Frank Morton 2018 event.

What We Delivered

Leeds Media Services provided a two camera setup with graphics and pre-recorded videos mixed live and broadcast via YouTube to other venues within the union.

“I would like to extend my personal gratitude for each of your contributions to the running of Frank Morton; I understand that at points throughout the day changed quickly from the set schedule and I’d like to stress that I couldn’t be happier with the results that came from your work.

Steve and Mark, you adapted to each of the changes that I threw at you and I appreciate that you were constructive rather than problematic in the way that you responded to my own plans.

In short, I was happy to have everybody involved as part of my team – you were all more than able to follow my plans as I directed and made me feel very comfortable and in control throughout the whole experience – despite having no previous experience in the area.”

Ethan Errington, Sponsorship Coordinator, Frank Morton 2018