BALEAP comes to Leeds

BALEAP conference

Leeds Media Services recently supplied video support to the BALEAP Conference 2019. We filmed a number of keynote speeches, interviews and created a highlights video giving a flavour of the event which can be seen below.

From the BALEAP programme:

We are pleased to be hosting what may be the largest Baleap Conference yet, with over 400 delegates from 26 different countries from New Zealand, to South Africa to the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, China, Thailand,
Cyprus and Canada to name a few. With its global reach, Baleap is expanding in scope from Anglophone countries to EMI contexts and increasingly to institutions where English isn’t the medium of instruction. In addition to EAP practitioners, researchers, and other educators, delegates include freelance writers, publishers, testing specialists, and software companies. We hope that you will participate fully in all the Conference has to offer, while also enjoying our campus and the city of Leeds.